How the site works

headerWelcome to the SaberWars community!

This website is dedicated to all things light saber, it’s communities and resources, and most of all, finding friends and having FUN!

If you are looking for like minded Saberists, you’ve come to the right place. LARPing, Cosplay, Real Training, Stage Combat teachers, Medieval Swordspeeps, and Science Fiction geeks galore!  However, the communities are individually run, and have very different offerings.  If you find one group in a city that has strict rules about their membership, chances are you may find another that does not. You can even start one yourself!

The SaberWars forums are meant to give you an easy directory of Light Saber clubs and groups now operating internationally, and participate in discussions shared by thousands around the world about the one thing we all can agree on – LIGHT SABERS ROCK.

FORUMS: These discussion areas revolve around LED technology, Martial Arts and Stage Combat, Storytelling, and Cosplay. Even more. But mostly, we rock LIGHT SABER KNOWLEDGE that is shared by a WORLD-WIDE COMMUNITY.   This website is meant to allow you to find what you are looking for within those topics, built Community-Style by those who are in the know.

MEMBERS: You have access to the World Forums, as well as any Group Forums you are invited to participate with. Local forums are moderated by local clubs, Worldwide Forums are Moderated by The Admin Posse. You don’t know us. We know you. FaceBook/Social Networks login should be available soon, if not already, to make linking to an existing online presence easy.

GROUPS: All Groups listed here are listed based on activity, and have verified, real-world saber community offerings – that’s why they are listed here. Groups are based on a collection of people who are involved together under a group title. This is a choreo group, a vendor fan group, or regional/state group.  If you’re a Martial Arts Dojo or Dance Studio that offers Saber lessons or activities, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, Public Schools, etc, you count!

Want to form a group? Only current and publicly known groups will be registered and accepting members in their own forums, etc. This means your group has a FaceBook Presence with over 30 friends, active members or a website, videos and pictures of events your Group has attended. This can be ANY Saber group, with an officially associated franchise status or not.  (more details soon….)